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Nijel Amos, 800m Olympic Silver Medallist, World Junior Record Holder.

Nijel Amos, 800m Olympic Silver Medallist, World Junior Record Holder.

Last Name: AMOS
First Name: Nijel
Age: 19


– 2010 Southern Africa Youth Champion over 1000m
– 2010 Southern Africa Youth runner-up over 3000m
– 2010 Africa Youth Games 3rd place over 1000m
– 2011 Africa Junior 3rd place over 800m
– 2011 World Youth 5th place over 800m
– 2011 Commonwealth Youth Games 3rd place over 800m
– 2012 World Junior Champion over 800m
– 2012 Olympic Games silver medallist over 800m

World Junior Record Holder over 800m (1:41.73)


1/ When and were were you born ? Where are you living (city) now ?

I was born in Marobela Village in the North Eastern part of Botswana on 15 march 1994.

2/ How and when did you start running ?

I started running as a joke in 2010, just doing it for fun.

3/ Do you have brothers and sisters ? If yes are they running ? What are your parents doing ?

Yes I’m the third born and have two sisters and a younger brother.

4/ Who is your coach ?

My former coach is M. Kerileng Mafefe but I am currently coached by former south african runner Jean Verster.

5/ Where are you training ? Who are your training partners ?

Now I’m training in Potchefstroom (South Africa). Training partners among others: Andre Olivier, Elroy Gelant, Jerry Motsau.

6/ What distances are your running ?
What are your Personnal Best for other distances than 800m ?

400m: time of 45.66
800m: time of 1:41.73

7/ When is your next race ?

Not sure but in June.

8/ How does it feel to win a medal at olympic games ? what about breaking the world junior record?

So good I was so happy that I have done history.

9/ Who was your favourite runner when you were a kid?

Wilson Kipketer.

10/ If you were not an athlete, what else would you be ?

A footballer.

11/ How many miles/kilometres are you doing each week (at what pace)?

80km & average 3:40 per/km

12/ Can you tell us the best workout you have done until today ?

Time Trial 300m in 33″ + 600m in 1’18

13/ Are you planning to do other distances than 800m in the future ? If yes what distances ?

Yes 400m

14/ What is the hardest part in running ?

Travelling alone in Europe (boredom and focus for long time), staying long without seeing your family as you will be training far from home.

15/ What was your strategy for the final at the Olympics ?

My motivation for the 800m final was that if I was among the top 8 it meant everything was possible: it was man to man.

16/ Lastly, you were supposed to run in Eugene Diamond League against David Rudisha and many other top guys ? What happen ?

I was out for about a month with a quads injury. I resumed training three weeks ago but I can’t race as I am not yet in good shape.

17/ If we invite you to a race in France would you like to come ?




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