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Jeremiah Mutai in 2009.

Last Name: MUTAI
First Name: Jeremiah 
Age: 21
Country: KENYA


– 2009 Kenya Junior Champion over 400m hurdles
– 2009 World Youth Silver Medalist over 400m hurdles
– 2010 Kenya Junior 6th place over 800m
– 2010 Kenya Junior 2nd place over 400m hurdles 
– 2010 Kenya National 4th place over 400m hurdles
– 2010 World Junior Semi-Finalist over 400m hurldes
– 2011 Africa Junior 4th place over 400m
– 2011 Africa Junior 2nd place over 40mm hurdles
– 2012 Kenya National 6th place over 400m
– 2013 Kenya Police Champion over 800m
World Junior Record Holder over 800m (1:41.73)


1/ When and were were you born ? Where are you living (city) now ?

I was born in Kericho and now I live in Molo district, Kuresoi constituency. 

2/ How and when did you start running ?

I started runing in 2004 when was in standard 7. I started runing because of my friends. 

3/ Do you have brothers and sisters ? If yes are they running ? What are your parents doing ?

I have many brothers and two sisters, all of them are runners. My parents are farmers. 

5/ Where are you training ? Who are your training partners ? Who is your coach or manager ?

I train in Kapsabet. My trainig partners are 800m runners Eliud Rutto, Bernard Kipyegon & Denis Kipngeno, 1500m runner Wilson Moi and 400m specialist Robert Kiprugut. I have no coach and my manager is Ricky Simms (Pace Sports Management)

6/ What distance are you running ?
What are your Personnal Best ?

100m: 10.9
200m: 21.0
400m: 46.4
800m: 1:43.9
110m hurdles: 15.0
400m hurdles: 50.5

7/ When is your next race ?

Normally in Italy next month.

8) Why did you decide to focus on 800m this year ?

I decided because I was capable of running 400m hurdles and 400m flat at the same time, one event after the other. This year I though maybe I can combine both events and run two laps in a row to make 800 meters.

9/ Who was your favourite runner when you were a kid?

My neighbour David Chelule, 5th at Sydney Olympic Games and finalist at World Championship in Sevilla. He was a 12:57 5000m runner.

10/ What are your goals for the future ? 

Time, to run the fastest time ever.

11/ Can you tell us the best workout you have done until today?

1*1000m: 2’25 / 2*600m: 1’21, 1’22 / 3*300m: 35″, 36″, 37″

Recovery after 1000m was 10 minutes, then 2 minutes between the 600meters, then 5minutes recovery and 2 minutes between the 300m.

12/ Are you planning to do other distances than 800m this year?

I am concentrating in 800 meters only this year.

14/ What is the hardest part in running ?

The hardest part in running is to start and the finish. 

15/ If we invite you to a race in France would you like to come ?

If I get invitasion to France I will come.


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